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Elastomeric Acrylic Coatings

Lasting restoration or repair keeps existing roofs operating efficiently.

Every year that a building owner can keep the existing roof operating efficiently, keeps money in their pocket. Comprising nearly one-third of operating costs, energy consumption is the single biggest expense to commercial building owners today. Investing in an energy efficient roof can reap substantial savings.

Energy Efficient Roofs

White Mule-Hide A-300 FINISH has been independently tested to EPA guidelines with results of initial solar reflectance values up to 86% and 3 year aged values up to 72%, plus emissivity values of 91%, can reduce surface temperatures on metal roofs by as much as 50°F and interior temperatures by 15°F.


Advances in polymer chemistry have resulted in these professional grade products that protect building assets by extending the life of the existing roof.


Scrapes or gouges in coated areas are usually repaired simply by cleaning and applying new product to the damaged area where it bonds to the existing coating.


Thermal shock, settling and seismic action can affect roofs. Mule-Hide Elastomeric Acrylic Coatings remain flexible in hot and cold temperatures (from –15°F to 200°F) to accommodate building movement and will not crack or blister like non-elastomeric paints & coatings.